Vessel Decommissioning

Dales Marine is an EU approved supplier of vessel decommissioning, and one of only a few yards in the UK with capabilities to recycle ships in a controlled and environmentally friendly manager.

Dales is experienced in ‘end-of-life' decommissioning and depolluting vessels and undertakes to recycle as close to 100 percent of each vessel. Awarded SEPA Waste Management licence and included in the EU Ship Recycling Register.

All vessel decommissioning is carried out at the Leith Dry Dock that can accommodate vessels over 100m long and drafts of up to 7m. The dry dock is supported with workshop and yard facilities, and a quayside along side the dry dock.

Dales Marine is the first site in the United Kingdom to offer such a depolluting service with the ability to recycle the vessels as well.

Website News Page MV Oceanic Pintail Hull in dry dock

Dales Marine has worked on some significant vessel decommissioning projects, including MV Oceanic Pintail, a nuclear cargo carrying vessel, and has more projects in planning. Dales Marine is registered to support EU-flagged vessels at its facilities.

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We offer a full circle vessel service by helping bring new vessels into service, maintain them through their working lives at sea and then decommission them when their service comes to an end.

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Dales ERRV Decom in Dry Dock


“We set out rigorous standards, including a target that 98% of the vessel being recycled. I am delighted MV Oceanic Pintail will remain in the UK, and the Scottish firm Dales Marine Services was the successful applicant.”

Peter Buchan

Operations Director, INS

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